The Warren County Jail encourages inmates to maintain ties with their families and friends through regular visits or written correspondence. To accomplish this, the jail has prescribed an inmate visitation schedule for family, friends, and professionals. 

Inmate visitation days are Saturdays and Sundays at the Warren County Jail. You must call 540-635-3100 and make an appointment to visit an inmate. Visits are 15 minutes long unless the inmate is a trustee or a work release inmate and, in this case, a 30 minute visit is allowed.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All visitors entering the Warren County Jail are subject to search. Visitors who are intoxicated or appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to remain on the premises for visitation purposes.

Inmates are allowed a total of three visitors (INCLUDING a baby or a child) during their scheduled visitation.  Only one adult - or an adult accompanying a child - is allowed at the same time.  Example: One adult and another adult with a child (for a total of three visitors) both may separately visit with an inmate, or three adults could separately visit with an inmate during visitation time.  

No food, drink, or personal items (except eyeglasses) may be brought to the visitation area.  Children may not sit on the visitation window ledge.  Children must be supervised at all times.  Children are not allowed to run or play within the visitation or lobby area.  If your child is disruptive, (i.e. crying, screaming, running, etc.), you will be asked to either control the child or leave.  Damage to the facility or facility equipment will not be tolerated.  Criminal charges may be placed against you along with you paying restitution for all damages.

Visitation cancellations may occur due to disciplinary reasons. You will not be able to visit with an inmate until the inmate completes his/her disciplinary time and returns to the general jail population.