Specific requirements must be met before an inmate can become a trustee.  In determining trustee eligibility, inmates are screened and evaluated.   An inmate selected as a trustee will be an individual who is dependable and responds well to supervision. Trustee selection for an inmate will not be considered if the inmate is an escape risk or has any disciplinary problems. Being a trustee is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. Inmates with either felony or misdemeanor charges or convictions can be selected as  inside or outside trustees. 

Trustee Orientation

Upon selection as a trustee, inmates are explained rules and regulations which trustees must comply with as stated in our Trustee Agreement Form.  Inmates must then read and sign the Trustee Agreement Form acknowledging he/she has read and understands the rules of the trustee program and agrees to follow these established rules and regulations.  Once signed, the inmate is allowed to participate as a trustee.  The inmate shall receive a copy of his/her signed Trustee Agreement Form and a copy will be placed in the inmate’s jail jacket. The Warren County Jail has kitchen trustees, inside trustees, and outside trustees.    

Rules that all trustees must abide by include:
  1. All assigned work will be completed daily unless notified by jail staff of change in work assignment.
  2. At no time are trustees allowed near the street unless a correctional officer is notified.
  3. Upon completion of assignments, trustees must report back to and inform correctional officer.
  4. Trustees will be clean and dressed in jail clothes (orange jumpsuits) while performing assigned duties.  Street clothes, half shirts and shorts may not be worn outside of the jail.
  5. Trustees are subject to strip search each time they enter the jail.