The GED/ABE (Adult Basic Education) Program in the Warren County Jail enables inmates to continue with their educational goals while incarcerated.  Research has shown that improving ones educational levels helps to decrease recidivism in the jails and prisons. 

Inmates discover areas in which they are successful, learn to communicate more effectively, and develop skills that will serve them when they are released. Some are also prepared to take the GED exam if they have not completed a high school education. Inmates who are not eligible for the GED, but are eligible for ongoing special education, are given instruction at their appropriate level.   

A partial list of services includes: 

  • Testing of present educational level
  • Instruction in target areas of need
  • Computer instruction
  • Writing efficiency
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral communication skills
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) classes for non-native speakers of English
  • Ongoing, regular testing and evaluation of skills
  • Preparation for the GED (General Educational Development) diploma  

The GED/ABE program is developed and monitored by Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education and Warren County Schools / Special Education.   For more information, please contact Susan Utt, Director of Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education at 540-667-9744.