Pre-trial testing is done at the Work Release Center.  Pre-trial testing is ordered by the Magistrate and/or the Court.  Each time a pre-trial drug test is done, a fee that must be paid prior to the specimen collection.  Please have the exact amount of cash needed with you for the test, as the Work Release Center is unable to make change.  The following information is sent to the Commonwealth Attorney Office: 
  • Positive Lab results
  • Failure to show for scheduled testing
  • Disruptive behavior during testing
  • Substituting/falsifying urine 
Only the Court or Commonwealth Attorney can release the testing once it is ordered.  The Staff at the Work Release Center can only adjust the day of the week scheduled.  This will be done on an emergency basis only. 

Once the court has released the testing, please provide the Work Release Center with the documentation so that unnecessary information is not sent to the Commonwealth Attorney.

 If we can be of assistance or more information is needed please contact the Warren County Work Release Center at:  30 E. Jackson St., Front Royal Va. 22630 or call 540-622-2206.