The Warren County Work Release Program allows inmates to serve the remainder of their sentence on work release provided they meet eligibility requirements. Inmate’s paychecks are collected by work release staff to pay court costs/fines, child support and work release fees.  Inmates participating in work release are still able to help provide for their families while being incarcerated. Each applicant is considered on a case-by-case basis.  The following will be considered in the final decision of work release eligibility:

·         Previous Criminal History

·         Current Charges

·         Assaults

·         Escapes/Attempts/Security Risks

·         Jail Behavior/Hygiene

·         Court Status/Pending Charges

·         Mental Stability/Medical Records

·         Willingness to participate in offered programs i.e., GED, AA, ASAP.


Eligible inmates must not be serving a sentence for a violent crime or a sexual offense.  Any person with a charge or conviction for crimes against children will not be considered for the program.


A letter from the victim of any assault & battery charge for which the inmate has been convicted, stating that the victim would have no safety concerns if the inmate was approved for work release, is required.  Inmates must pass a drug and alcohol screen before entering the program and must remain alcohol and drug free while participating in the program.  Gambling inside or outside the building is prohibited. 


Inmates must obey all local, state and federal laws, and rules and regulations of the Work Release Program.  Failure to do so will result in  the inmates removal from the program and may also result in criminal charges being filed.


Participants are assessed a processing fee upon entering the program and also a weekly fee for each week they are on the program.  Program fees are due on each Friday.


If we can be of assistance or more information is needed please contact us at 540-622-2206.