altThe Warren County Sheriff’s Office was unanimously chosen to receive their first re-accreditation award from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission at its quarterly meeting on September 8, 2011. The office achieved accreditation in July 2007.  Members of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission include active Chiefs and Sheriffs appointed by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and Virginia Sheriff’s Association, with support services provided by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The accreditation team consisted of Lead Assessor Lieutenant Derrick Mays, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, Major Donald Bewkes Jr., Goochland County Sheriff’s Office, and Captain Timothy O’Leary, Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

The assessment team evaluated the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in four categories; administration, operations, personnel, and training. In the final report submitted to the Virginia Law Enforcement Standards Commission, the team was clearly impressed by “the embodiment of integrity and commitment to professionalism and their dedication to duty and caring for the community.” The report also stated, “The Warren County Sheriff’s Office personnel are some of the most professional in Virginia Law Enforcement and this is the type of agency anyone in law enforcement would strive to be a part of.” 

The Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission commended Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron for his commitment to the community and citizens of Warren County, stating that this assessment is 100% compliant with all standards as set forth by the commission.

Sheriff McEathron was recognized and presented with his Re-Accreditation Certificate at the Warren County Board of Supervisor’s meeting held on October 4, 2011. The award was presented by Gary Dillon who is with the Department of Criminal Justice Services and is a member of the accreditation support staff.

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 October 6, 2011

Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron