The Warren County Sheriff's Office became state accredited on July 19, 2007. Accredited  law enforcement agencies must meet or exceed a rigorous set of standards set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia and earn accreditation from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, or VLEPSC.

This accreditation confirms that the law-abiding citizens of and visitors to the County may have confidence that their law enforcement agency is among the finest in America.

The Virginia Sheriff's Association and the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police make up the VLEPSC Executive board, members consisting of active Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police established 187 professional standards and administer the accreditation process by which Virginia agencies can be systematically measured, evaluated, and updated. The program is independent of state government, however, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services manages day-to-day operations for the Commission.

Thanks and congratulations are in order to every deputy, staff member, and volunteer who helps to make the Warren County Sheriff's Office one of the finest law enforcement agencies in America.