The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Home Security Program helps to ensure that homes located within the County of Warren are kept as safe as possible while utilizing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques. A partial list of services provided includes but are not limited to the following checks and assessments for our citizens:

1.  Security Devices and Hardware (target hardening doors, locks, and alarms)

2.  Security Lighting

3.  Territoriality-Strategies (maintenance, home/community gardens, indoor/outdoor activity areas and seasonal decorations)

4.  Setting up and maintaining neighborhood watch programs (increase natural surveillance within the community, reduce crime/prevent crime, and citizen patrols)

5.  Community Presentations   

Crime Prevention brochures may be obtained at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. If we can be of further assistance and you wish to be contacted about a security assessment or community presentation, please feel free to contact the Warren County Sheriff's Office at (540) 635-4128 or (540) 635-7243.