The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Business Watch Program helps to ensure that the businesses located in the County Of Warren operate in a safe and secure environment. It is a law enforcement and business partnership working closely together that accomplishes our mission statement - that our office and businesses will work together to keep our businesses and communities safer. A partial list of services provided include but not limited to the following:  

  1.   Business employees receive crime prevention training as approved by, or from a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist 
  2.   On-site security assessments 
  3.   Designate a contact person who can coordinate crime prevention/security issues and act as a  liaison with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office 
  4.   Robbery Prevention 
  5.   Burglary Prevention 
  6.   Shoplifting Prevention 
  7.   Vendor Inaccurate Invoicing Prevention 
  8.   Internal Theft Prevention 
  9.   Consumer Fraud Prevention 
  10.   Workplace Violence Prevention 
  11.   Emergency Preparedness 
  12.   Underage Tobacco/Alcohol Sales Prevention 
  13.   Use of Security Cameras 
  14.   Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Training brochures may be obtained at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. If we can be of further assistance and you wish to add your business to our Certified Business Watch Program, please feel free to contact the Warren County Sheriff's Office at (540) 635-4128 or (540) 635-7243.