altThe Warren County Sheriff’s Office has provided the Neighborhood Watch programs availability and support to county residents since 1985. This outstanding program continues to thrive as one of the most popular and success driven efforts in preventing the occurrence of residential crimes. The tremendous success of Neighborhood Watch is attributed to this one fundamental element of operation: Residents actively protect their own neighborhoods by observing and reporting suspicious or unusual activities to local law enforcement agencies. Information packets regarding organization and operation of the Neighbor Watch program may be obtained from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office crime prevention deputy. A Sheriff’s Office deputy will provide information and any follow up requested by an established Warren County watch group. National Statics have indicated that a well established and actively participating Neighborhood Watch program is one of the greatest deterrents to crime in the community. The Neighborhood Watch motto, “we look out for each other,” indicates the basics of the operation of this program and ensures its effectiveness. For more information on establishing a Neighborhood Watch program, please contact the: Warren County Sheriff’s D.A.R.E. and Public Relations Office at 540-635-0399 or email us at

For additional information, you may contact Virginia Crime Prevention Association 1-804-266-7506 National Neighborhood Watch Institute 1-888-669-4872 or access