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TrafficStop1 18The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division has the primary law enforcement responsibilities of providing a wide range of services and to initiate a proactive approach when assisting the community.

The Patrol Division provides 24-hour coverage, seven days per week.  The Patrol Division is divided into two shifts that work a four day on, four day off, eleven hour per day schedule. Patrol Deputies may work weekly rotating shifts with the majority on duty during the peak evening and night time hours. These shifts may vary due to Law Enforcement needs. A Patrol Deputy has a distinct part to play in the Law Enforcement Family as his duties may take him from one extreme to another. A Patrol Deputy’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Crime Prevention (meetings with businesses owners & Property Owners Associations)
  • Response to requested services
  • Investigation of crime, offenses, incidents, and conditions, including arresting offenders
  • Traffic direction and control
  • Regulation of certain businesses or activities as required by law
  • Maintenance of public order
  • Provisions of emergency services
  • Development of relationships between citizens and the Sheriff’s Office in furtherance of community-oriented policing ideals
  • Reporting of information to appropriate entities
  • Residential & Business Property Checks
  • Service of Felony & Misdemeanor Warrants

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Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement within the Warren County Sheriff’s Office consists of controlling traffic movement, enforcement of traffic laws, reducing traffic collisions, and providing traffic safety information and recommendations. Warren County Sheriff’s Office takes a firm stance against drunk drivers and those who drive under the influence of drugs/narcotics, along with aggressive, and reckless driving.

Photo of Deputy Jim Petty directing traffic

The Sheriff’s Office continues to work with the other Law Enforcement agencies within our community to keep our roads safe and emphasize any improvements that may arise. The Sheriff’s Office performs traffic control for accident scenes, fire scenes, special events, adverse road and weather conditions, stranded/disabled motorists. Traffic control and direction may be performed by, but not limited to,  the following:

  • Speed Trailer
  • Radar (moving & stationary)
  • Emergency Lights (on cruiser)
  • Uniform Deputy
  • Reflective Vest
  • Flashlight (with or without illuminated cone)
  • Flares
  • VDOT (assistance with barricades, cones, signs)


Bicycle and T3 Patrol

Photo of Bike Rack The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Bicycle Patrol was formed in the summer of 2000. The Bike Patrol Program exists to provide patrol to areas that are impractical to patrol by other means. Bike Officers receive specialized training for using and riding bicycles and are required to complete training through the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The Bike Patrol is utilized in many ways such as patrolling areas within the county, parades, traffic control, and other special events. Bike Officers perform the same duties as officers in patrol cars. Utilizing bikes as a proactive policing technique provides officers with a “stealth like” advantage because they are silent. Bikes are also less visible than a marked patrol vehicle, thus bike officers can ride right up to the scene of a crime before they are noticed. Bike patrol is great for community policing because it allows the officers to interact with the citizens of Front Royal and Warren County, as well as tourists. Bike officers are selected at the discretion of the sheriff. Officers are encouraged to patrol on bicycles whenever possible.

Bikes2Included with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Bike Patrol Program is a piece of equipment called the T3. The T3 is similar to what citizens refer to as a Segway. However, with a three wheel design, the T3 is specifically designed for law enforcement purposes. The T3 is a three wheel device which can travel at speeds up to 20mph. It is battery operated with a battery life of approximately 4 hrs. It is equipped with an on board computer which measures speed, distance, and life of the battery. The T3 has a zero turn radius which enables faster response to emergency situations. It is equipped with emergency lighting and a siren along with Warren County Sheriff’s Office markings. The T3 will be utilized for Crime Prevention at the county’s shopping centers, security/patrol at sporting events, as well as parades and county fairs. The T3 offers the same “stealth like” capabilities as bike patrol.

The Bike Patrol and T3 Program are one in the same as far as equipment, training, and overall efforts to enhance public relations within the community.

For further questions and concerns regarding the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Bike Patrol and T3 program, please call Lt. Bockey at (540) 635-4128 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Special Operations

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit originated in the 1980s with numerous members of both the Sheriff’s Office and the Front Royal Police Department. Currently the unit has ten members, all of which are deputies from the Sheriff’s Office. Members consist of the commander, assistant team commander(s), and team members.

The unit was formed to support the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies through a highly trained specialized team, equipped with special weapons and related equipment and expertise in the service of search warrants, search missions, barricaded suspects, and hostage rescues. Team members train twelve times annually and qualify with all issued weapons biannually.

The Special Operations Unit is used as a resource for handling critical incidents that typically result in a successful resolution. Some of the suggested uses of the team include, but are not limited to:

  • Hostage situation
  • Barricaded person(s)
  • Sniper incidents
  • Support of the town police department and/or other agencies
  • High-Risk apprehensions
  • High-Risk warrant service
  • Serving search warrants where a high-risk of officer safety is expected
  • Riots/Civil Disturbances
  • Any terrorist activity
  • Any other situation deemed exceedingly hazardous or technical as to needlessly endanger officers without the special training and/or equipment or a situation that will consume an extraordinary amount of time if performed by the patrol division or any other branch of the Sheriff’s Office. 



Canine Unit

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit was established in 1982 and currently has two teams that serve the citizens and law enforcement community in Warren County and throughout the region. Canine teams must pass a certification every year after their initial basic school.   

Canine teams work regular uniform patrol and respond to a variety of calls such as: burglaries, building searches, article searches, suspect tracking, area and building searches for suspects, narcotics, and officer-safety assists. Canine officers may also assist on other calls for service, but they try to stay available for calls where their dog may be deployed.  The teams participate in many civic functions and educational demonstrations throughout the year.

All canines go home with their human partners where the dogs can be exposed to a more social atmosphere with the officer and his/her family.  

2014 07 11 03.43.3420171231 171551Photo of K9 Demontration

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